All goods shall comply with the below general requirements:所有的产品都应满足下列的一般要求:



1) All Markings should be in“Arabic”or“English”or both“Arabic & English”所有的铭牌需要用阿拉伯文或者英文,或者阿拉伯文以及英文。

2) All markings should contain the following details:所有的铭牌信息需要包含以下内容:

Description/Name of Product描述/产品名称;

Name of Manufacturer or his trademark制造商的名称或商标;

Model number型号;

Country of Origin原产地国。

3) All electrical goods must be legibly and indelibly marked (paper stickers are not acceptable) with below information:电器产品的包装需要包含以下信息:

Voltage rating电压;

Frequency rating频率;

Power rating (if applicable)功率(如有):

P.S. Other requirement should reference to the specific SASO Standard for each product产品的其他特定要求将以SASO标准为主,如:IP等级,气候类型等。


Instruction for use and storage and any warning requirement related to the product must be always in Arabic使用说明书、储存说明书以及警示语需要用阿拉伯文。

shipping marks唛头,packing (carton/Crate/Cage/pallet)包装(纸箱/木箱/笼/托盘)

“Arabic” or “English” or both are acceptable for shipping marks唛头语言为阿拉伯文或者英文,或者阿拉伯文以及英文。

Description/Name of Product描述/产品名称、型号;

Name of Manufacturer or his trademark制造商的名称或商标;

Name & Address of the person (company) responsible for marketing of the product (if different from the manufacturer)市场销售的责任人(公司)的名称、地址(若与制造商不一致),简称亦可;

Date of Production产品生产日期。

Country of Origin (CO) marking原产地国标识

1) CO must be specified as‘Made in, mentioning the complete country name. For e.g. products manufactured in China must be labeled as‘Made in China’. Products labeled as‘Made in P.R.C’is not acceptable原产地国标识必须显示完整的国家名称,如“Made in China”,“Made in P.R.C”---不接受!英文或阿拉伯文均可。

2) CO must be non removable (either engraved or printed with indelible ink) and both the principal product as well as the external retail packaging must bear this information. Each package within a pallet shall bear the CO原产地国标识必须使用不可拆卸的材料(刻,丝印,或用不褪色墨水打印)。产品上,包装(零售包装)上,外部包装盒,包装箱等都必须体现此信息。

3) CO is applicable to all shipments (air/land/sea) and all products (irrespective of whether it will be sold or given free of charge)不论产品是海运、陆运或空运,都必须要有原产地国标识(不论是否会出售或免费给予的产品)。

4) Saudi customs considers the country of assembly as the country of origin. For e.g. if the parts of a machine are manufactured in Switzerland and assembled in China then the machine must be labeled as’Made in China’.由其他国家生产的配件,在中国国内组装的成品,成品上也同样需要标“Made in China”。